Emily Thing

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over troubled waters
  Artist Biography

Emily was born in 1969 and grew up in the Catskill Region of New York State. Always deeply affected by her natural surroundings: rock formations, plants, animal shapes and their varying personalities inform her work. Drawing and painting since early childhood, she was chosen for a workshop for developing artists in grade school. After excelling in an Advanced Placement program in high school, she was awarded a scholarship to Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York, where she earned a her BFA in 1992. Further studies in painting and mixed media were completed at Cooper Union in Manhattan, New York.

Painting and freelancing for web shops to make a living in the ‘90s, Emily kept New York City as a home base from 1988 to 2000. During that time she traveled throughout North America, Europe and Asia, traveling being another major inspiration to her work. The paintings often include shards of paper that she collects from the places she’s been.

Getting back to nature full-time, she moved to Woodstock in the spring of 2000 to develop a new body of work. She started her own graphic design business, Little Cabin Graphics, and now exhibits her paintings locally, throughout the New England area. She paints out of her studio in Kingston, New York, at home again in the Catskill Mountains.

Discovering landscapes or cityscapes during travel and being surrounded by nature at home have become some of the most engaging subjects for me as an artist. In these recent paintings, my work is inspired by the tactility of place. The subject can range from the last bit of twilight forcing its way through the woods around my home, to the way personal items of another culture hang on a decaying wall. I’m drawn to found objects within these specific places which I then bring back to my studio to help me recreate a scene primarily from sense memory and intuition. My aim is to distill the strongest impression I had during the moment of experience into an abstract symbol or symbols representing, for me, the “whole”.

Rather than rending form, the work is deliberately kept within the two-dimensional picture plane. Instead, my concern has been for mood and light qualities, surface texture, value in color contrasts, and for the materials themselves. I’m working with a variety of collage elements and oil paint on canvas or wood.

  Artist Resume   

Emily Thing


Pratt Institute… Brooklyn, NY…1988 - 1992 BFA - Majoring in Painting and Drawing Cooper Union… New York, NY…1993-1996 Abstract Painting, Figure Drawing, Modern Techniques in Oil

Paradise City … Marlboro, MA…November 2003 Juried Art Exhibition
Coffey Gallery… Kingston, NY…December 2003 Group Show – Small Works by Abstract Painters
Skybox Gallery… Kingston, NY… June 2004 Group Show – Nature in Abstract Art
www.projekt30.com… Online Exhibit… April 2005 Juried Group Show - Top 30 Artists for April-May
AWAKE Gallery… Kingston, NY… August 2005 Solo Show – Recent Work
Klienart Gallery… Kingston, NY… December 2006 Group Show – 5 x 7 Holiday Show
ASK Gallery… Kingston, NY… December 2006 Group Show – Small Works
Windham Fine Arts… Windaham, NY… March 2007 Group Show – “A Hint of Avante Garde”

Guide Magazine… June 2005 – Artist Feature Section Double page spread of recent work
Poughkeepsie Journal… July 28, 2005 – Entertainment Article: “Emily Thing – Going Solo”
Paradise City Catalog… Fall 2005 – Show Stoppers Article: “Breaking Down the Landscape Into Its Elements”

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