the artist direct

11 11th, 2011

The Artist Direct needs your help. Our primary purpose is to give artists a space to sell their work to the public without charging a commission. So if you see artwork you like, please support the Artist directly with your purchase. However, we also need to support this site and the marketing required to make this site a success. You can help us do that by purchasing Support Prints from this site. These prints are made with the same paper and pigment as the other work on this site, and this quality is superior to other sites selling prints produced on offset printers using non archival paper. If for any reason you are not happy with these prints, we will gladly return your money. By supporting us in this way we will not have to charge the artist a fee to cover our cost of this service. Thank you.

11 11th, 2011
creative think tank

The Ledge is a retreat we are working on for creative individuals. The primary attribute of this retreat is to provide an open and supportive environment for creative individuals to do their work without interruption in a natural setting. Any additional money we earn will go to the building of cabins and a lodge. This think tank is an Open Ground Archetype, a place with no boundaries of thought, welcoming not only Artists [Writers, Painters, Musicians, etc.], but anyone with a creative project. Physicists, Landscape Architects, anyone with a project in need of the environment that will cast it into existence. The search for the creative in our lives is the hidden which can become manifest, "the human soul, singing to itself". By purchasing Support Prints with a cumulative price of $500.00 or making a donation of $500.00 or more, you become a Friend of the Ledge. Your name will appear in the Lodge as a contributor to the Building of the cabins and the Lodge. Find out more about this project @ The Ledge Foundation